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Salvage Bin: Military Jerry Can Mount Straps


NOTE: The straps available here have defects to their appearance only and may be more noticeable than these pictures indicate. Their hardware and webbing integrity are both still perfectly sound and will serve just as well though.

  • The Vintage Natural Cotton strap was made from the first layer on a 50+ year old roll of webbing and shows moderate to significant staining and/or discolorations.
  • The White Nylon strap was made from the first layer of a surplus webbing roll and has some minor yellowing in spots.
  • The Black Nylon strap has manufacturing defects in the webbing near the end of the tail, and manufacturing defects in the government bronze finish on the brass tip such that it is flaking off.

Discount options only available while supplies last!

Please see our Policies for Salvage Bin Items. Sold as is. No refunds. No Returns.


Go Juice, Guzzolene, Gasohol, petrol, fuel – whatever you call it, these straps are designed to replace the oft missing, damaged, or sun rotted straps on military surplus or civilian aftermarket jerry can or fuel can mounting trays. Not intended for life safety devices.


  • 53″ (1.3 m) long strap.
  • 1-1/2″ (38 mm) wide mil-spec webbing.
  • Note, what is available in the Discount Bin is limited to the following 2 different webbing colors:
    • A-A-55301: Black
      • Nylon
      • Type VI, ~0.050″ thick, 1500 lb breaking strength webbing
    • MIL-W-17337: White
      • Nylon
      • 1800 lb minimum breaking strength.
      • ~0.043″ (1.1 mm) thick
    • MIL-W-43638: Vintage Natural color Cotton
      • 85% Cotton & 15% Fortisan
      • 1200 lb breaking strength, Type II.
      • ~0.095″ (2.4 mm) thick
      • Low stretch
      • Mildew resistant & water repellent treated.
  • Black coated, solid brass tip, genuine mil-spec, meets MS51926B-5.
  • Matte black spring buckle clamp, genuine mil-spec, meets MS51929A-3.
  • Heavy, visible outdoor polyester stitching, UV resistant, anti-wick.

Hand Made in the U.S.A. with new and military surplus 100% mil-spec parts.

Weight 5 oz
HS Code



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