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About Us & FAQ

Get to know what we're all about

Our Goal

Our main goal at Green Iron Road Wear (GIRW) is to build high quality creations with the best material possible. We employ every effort to use high quality Made in the U.S.A. parts and, where possible, genuine military surplus or mil-spec components. Even if the applicable use doesn’t call for that heavy duty of hardware or even mil-spec, it is far more satisfying to know what has been made will last.

Time and labor, by far, is the main contributor to the cost of an item and saving a dollar or two on cheap or lower quality materials is not only unacceptable but goes against everything GIRW stands for.

Frequently Asked Questions

Zane Larsen started Green Iron Road Wear in 2018 after searching all over the internet and failing to find a bracer of sufficient rugged style that he wanted. Everything was simple and small, styles that have been frequently seen and over used.

Then one day when walking home from his work carpool, Zane found a broken, heavy cargo strap in the dirt on the side of the road and an idea formed in his mind. Since then, the ideas haven’t stopped and he’s grown that style into multiple types and lines of gear and accessories and formed Green Iron Road Wear!

Military surplus is our passion and Green Iron Road Wear is our vehicle to bring new life and uses to old things that may have only been forgotten or discarded otherwise.

One of our primary goals is to use the highest quality of materials available; particularly supplies made in the U.S.A. The main driving factor in a item’s cost is our time spent to create it. So why spend all that time working with inferior material and hardware? GIRW customers deserve the best construction and durability for their money. Please note, some items are purposely designed to use old, or heavily worn items. That is their intended final appearance and aesthetic; worn in, but not worn out.

Please see the Material Options page further detail on what general supplies we have immediately available.

We have probably played entirely too many Role Playing Games (RPGs) such as Diablo, Exile, and World of Warcraft – to name a few. Gear in those games always had cool names like “Truesilver Gauntlets of Slaying”. We wanted all of the creations for Green Iron Road Wear to have similar neat and fitting names. Thus, for the heavy arm/ankle bracers “Splinted Vambrace of Biting” or the bandanas with Velcro patch options, “Bandana of Choose Your Own Adventure” were born!

Some may be concerned over our use or re-use of official military insignias, service and unit patches, and etc. Others may think that such things shouldn’t be turned into “casual fashion” or shouldn’t be used outside their official capacity and that it is “stolen valor” to do otherwise.

Obviously we at Green Iron Road Wear very much disagree. As stated above in our “Inspiration”, we want to bring new life and uses to old things that may have only been forgotten or discarded otherwise. We have much experience with many forms of military surplus, and most of it is left to rust and rot outdoors or molder in moth eaten forgotten, piles of dusty crates and bins in basements and attics.

We respect and honor the service and sacrifice of all those who came before, that helped create, shape, and preserve the greatest country in the history of the world, the United States of America. We want the insignias and patches to be reused, seen, remembered, and honored, even if it is “only” thought of as fashion or costume. It’s fashionable to be patriotic; always will be.

Our hours of operation are listed on the Contact Us page. All hours are in Mountain Time (MT), USA. We will give every effort to reply to all correspondence, commissions, orders and etc in as a timely fashion as possible (typically in a day or two). Please be aware that Green Iron Road Wear does not fully support our staff members, and as such, their regular full time-jobs have to take precedent. This means, we will usually only be able to respond in the evenings or weekend.

Green Iron Road Wear can also be found on Facebook and X. Follow us to see the continual awesome creations, evolution and growth!


For Green Iron Road Wear’s Return, Warranty, Use, Safety, Liability, Non-Discrimination, Privacy and all other Policies, please see the Policies page.

About Our Staff

Zane Larsen

Zane is employed full-time as a Senior Specialist Software Engineer and lives in Kaysville Utah, USA.

Zane likes to tinker on various projects in his free time, but one of Zane’s life-long passions has been for military surplus and camouflage with his largest “tinker toy” being his former Utah National Guard 1972 AM General M35A2 cargo truck. Zane is immensely pleased to bring that life-long hobby and passion as part of one Green Iron Road Wear’s founding pillars.


What we do


At Green Iron Road Wear, we offer more than just cool, wearable gear. We can also repair and reinforce your outdoor or camping gear, military vehicle soft tops or doors, or a custom commission made just the way you want it!

Heavy-duty sewing and repairs

Heavy, thick material is our specialty!

Thick, outdoor, UV protected & anti-wick thread

We use the best quality outdoor thread for many years of service under harsh conditions.

High quality materials, mil-spec, hand-made in the U.S.A.

We take pride in our work and don't cut corners.

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