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Vintage NOS U.S. Army Embroidered Patches, Group 2 – Design Emblems


Vintage New Old Stock (NOS) U.S. Army patches, Group #2 with cool emblem designs. Order as-is (sew-on) or add olive hook fastener backing.



  • Subdued color
  • Sew-on, or add olive hook fastener backing
  • New Old Stock, unissued.
  • Quality embroidered.
  • Raw backing
  • 3rd Infantry division
    • Represents rivers on a patch of green field with lighter stripes. The lighter stripes represent the three major operations in which the Division took part in before the signing of the WWI Armistice – the Marne, Saint Mihiel, and Meuse-Argonne.
    • 2-1/4″ x 2-1/4″ (57 mm x 57 mm)
  • 33rd Infantry Division
    • A cross used to mark division property. Repurpose as as a subdued First Aid Kit (FAK) marking.
    • 2-1/4″ diameter (57 mm)
  • 5th Army Corps (V Corps)
    • 5-sided pentagon inside an imaginary circle, who’s lines represent the Central Europe Campaigns.
    • ~2″ x 2″ (51 mm x 51 mm)
  • 35th Reserve Engineer Brigade
    • Crenellations form embattled walls, representing the mission of the Brigade of construction and defense.
    • ~2-3/8″ diameter (60 mm)
  • 13th Support Brigade
    • An octagon buttress with an interior saltire (“x”) represents strong, unshakeable support, with the 13-pointed star indicating the command’s numerical designation and extended rays reminding of its far-reaching missions.
    • 2-1/4″ diameter octagon (57 mm)
  • 425th Transportation Brigade
    • Diagonal bands in the shape of a saltire (“x”) connected to the interior circle, simulates a steering wheel in reference to the motor transportation provided by the unit.
    • 2-1/4″ diameter (57 mm)

Original, genuine vintage US Military Surplus, Made in USA

(For description reference see, Army Lineage Series, Armies Corps Divisions and Separate Brigades, by John B. Wilson, and Salute Uniforms.)

Weight 0.3 oz
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