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NEW: Vintage 20mm XM254 Beltfed Dummy Cartridges

I have acquired a number of 20mm XM254 Dummy Cartridges and belt links from the 1970’s! These shells are of heavy plastic exterior construction with a steel butt and steel internal filling to exactly duplicate live weight; which is nearly 3/4 of a pound each with link! These contain no fuse, primer, or any form of charge and are 100% inert. The XM254 dummy cartridges were used in military crew training to reduce wear on component and firing mechanisms; used with the following 20mm guns: M39, M61, M139, M168, M195 and XM197.

Save up to 30% discount when you buy 20 or more!

These add the perfect character tor your fallout shelter and compound. Add decoration to your gun safe, bug-out-location or place these heavy “trophies” anywhere sturdy enough to support them in your home.

Order for your own display/collection today!

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