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Doubled the number of color options of the Go-Juice (Jerry Can) Replacement Straps!

Due to the surprising popularity of the jerry can replacement straps, I’m very happy to announce that there are now TEN different color options available (up from 5), and even a very hard to find treated cotton strap option!

Additionally, I’ve been able to invest in proper matte black and mil-spec spring clamp buckles. The previous (very close, but technically not mil-spec) spring buckles will still continue to be sold until they are gone, but there are not many left. For orders of multiple straps, I will make sure all the buckles match and are the same style.

Yes, I did have to increase the price slightly as the money transaction fees were eating me up.

I thank you all so much for helping me get started here! Thank you too for the very supportive feedback (it means a lot) and I hope to continue to bring you wide variety and high-quality craftsmanship.

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