1-1/2″ (38 mm) Brass Ball Tip (Genuine Mil-Spec)


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These brass ball tips are meant to be crushed onto the end of 1-1/2″ wide webbing to make the webbing easier to slide through buckles, loops, slots or anything else. Also provides a finished, non-fraying end, perfect for cotton or nylon webbing.


  • 100% Brass (non-sparking, non-magnetic).
  • Durable Government Bronze finish (appears black).
  • For 1-1/2-inch (38 mm) wide webbing.
  • Meets MS51926B-5.

Price per each.

Certified, Genuine Mil-spec, Made in the U.S.A


We suggest crushing the ball tip onto the webbing with a vise. If your vise jaws have “teeth”, place the ball between hardwood or (better) flat metal plates as to not mar the tip finish. Can be crushed with a hammer too but we have found that that it is more difficult and the result will, generally, not be as good.

Weight 0.4 oz
Dimensions 1.25 × 1.25 × 1 in


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