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Salvage Bin

When you’re out there in the great expanse, scavenging for whatever can be used to survive, you’re sure to frequent known places where goodies can be found. We’ve added a new category to our Shop, the Salvage Bin. One of our main goals at GIRW is to provide high quality materials and construction, but like everything with humans and time involved, not everything is perfect all the time. Sometimes the first revision of an item didn’t come out as well as we’d like, or the material was sub-optimal, has a defect, color problems, faded, or stains. Sometimes these very features are desired on an item; for others it is not.

Instead of throwing away items or material, we’d rather see it put to use so we’ll place it in the Salvage Bin for battle and world worn travelers who don’t mind and would rather save the coin. Everyone wins.

At the time of this writing, there are a couple of Go-Juice (Jerry Can) Mount Replacement straps in the Salvage Bin. Go forth, exploring and conquering in great glory!

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